Arlington, AZ


The Mesquite Power plant is comprised of two power blocks. Block 1 is owned and operated by Salt River Power (SRP). Block 2 is owned by Southwest Generation and operated by SRP. Each block has an approximate generation capability of 625-megawatts (MW) for a total generation capability of 1,250 MW, depending on season variability. Block 2 is under a long term contract through 2046 with the Southwest Public Power Resources Group. The facility went into commercial operation in 2003.

Block 2 Features

  • (2) GE 7FA.03 gas turbines (162.5 MW, each)
  • (2) Nooter Eriksen– HRSG’s – duel pressure, duct firing
  • (1) GE D-11 Steam Turbine (300 MW)


37625 W Elliot Rd
Arlington, AZ 85322


Natural Gas


625 MW

Commercial Operations: